This procedure is administered to clear away pain of sympathetic nerves affecting the face, head, neck, and arms caused by shingles and other regional pain syndromes. The patient will lie on a table face up while an IV is inserted using an x-ray fluoroscopic unit to administer relaxing medication and a numbing anesthetic to the areas of treatment near the ganglion nerves. Contrast dye is then injected to help the physician identify the areas of pain using the fluoroscope unit. Once the location is confirmed the physician will inject a mixture of saline and anti-inflammatory anesthetic. This medicine should stop the ganglion nerves from sending pain signals to the brain. Side effects of this procedure include bloodshot or droopy eyes on the side of injection along with a hoarse voice, nasal congestion, and a slight tingling sensation. These symptoms should go away after a few hours. If pain is alleviated after the initial injection, more injections will come over time. Each injection will administer longer pay relief.

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