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How To Treat Chronic Pain From Sports Injuries

The long-term effects of serious sports injuries are diverse, but the most common side effect that occurs is chronic pain. People who have suffered physical sports-related traumas may experience mild, moderate, or severe pain, and this can affect all aspects of their lives. Chronic pain often means taking time off from work, less participation in family life, and even the loss of independence when performing basic daily tasks.

The fact is, many people suffer from pain resulting from sports injuries. If you have been injured while playing sports, the doctors at Advanced Pain Medical Group can offer life-changing solutions for your unique condition. With locations in Burbank, West Hills, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Oxnard, we are proud to be the leading pain management specialists in the Los Angeles, CA area.

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Common Side Effects of Sports Injuries

Our highly specialized team of physicians offers years of training and practical experience treating patients with sports-related injuries and pain. Whether you are suffering from an ACL tear or groin strain, a shin splint or sciatica, the one thing that all sports injuries have in common is the resulting pain. Some people are fortunate to have that pain subside naturally, but for most patients, additional treatment is needed to help alleviate the pain incurred from sports accidents.

Along with chronic pain, other side effects of sports injuries include decreased movement and motor ability, an inability to participate in sports or complete regular daily activities, and even depression or anxiety. Our doctors are sensitive to these side effects, and are here to offer solutions.

Pain Management for Children

Parents of small children and adolescents who have been hurt while playing sports may feel helpless and frustrated that they cannot alleviate their child’s pain.

Male athlete runner touching foot in pain due to sprained ankle

Advanced Pain Medical Group boasts the leading team of pediatric pain management specialists in southern California. We understand that children heal differently, and require a unique approach for treatment of their sports injuries. Through patience, empathy, and expertise, our seasoned staff and doctors are here to help children through the healing process.

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At Advanced Pain Medical Group, we aren’t just here to treat—we are here to heal. We understand how pain can consume a patient’s life, and we are proud to offer compassionate care for your unique condition. We offer gentle yet effective treatment options for sports injuries and chronic pain for kids, adolescents, and adults. Our cutting-edge technology and attentive approach sets the standard for chronic pain treatment in Los Angeles, CA. Get in touch with us today. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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