This procedure is used to decrease the swelling of pinched and compressed nerves in the cervical spine that can be caused by herniated discs and spinal stenosis. In preparation for the injection the patient will lay down and a a local anesthetic will be administered to the neck for numbing. Intravenous sedation is optional and can also be given by choice of the patient. A physician will then use x-ray guidance to insert a needle in the epidural. Contrast dye is injected to assure proper needle positioning near the irritated nerves. Once position is concurred the steroid is injected. The steroid used is made up of anesthetic and cortisone, an anti-inflammatory combination that will stop swelling and decrease pressure in the nerves. After the procedure the patient will be discharged to the recovery room to rest. Some patients can feel immediate relief after one shot but it can take up to three injections given weeks apart for significant relief to be felt by the patient.

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